Guangzhou Port Shuttle Barge

Guangzhou Port Shuttle Barge is a public barge express service for Guangzhou Port Nansha Terminal and other feeder terminals in PRD.

Guangzhou Port Shuttle Barge is operated by Guangzhou Port Group and is a waterway distribution network that encircles Nannsha Terminal. It provides customers with public, regular, and cost-effective feeder services. Guangzhou Port Shuttle Barge helps clients and shipping companies reduce operation costs.

– Cost effective and helping client save logistics costs.
– No need for a change of D/O and Customs declaration at Nansha.
– Ability to declare one declaration per shipment, saving time and related charges.

Block Train Service

The block train service between Guangzhou Huangpu New Port and Kunming South helps distribute more cargo from and to Southwest China. The train departs from Guangzhou Port on Wednesday and Saturday with a 48 hour travel time.

Nansha On-dock railway was started construction in December 2015 and will be completed in 4 years. Nansha on-dock railway is 81.8km long and goes through the cities of Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Foshan amd connects with the national railway. After that, it will be more convenient for the inland cargos to use Nansha as their gateway.

Nansha Port Trailer Operation Center (NPTOC)

Guangzhou Nansha Trailer Operation Center(NPTOC), by building a public services platform for trailer business, covering Guangzhou Nansha Port, targets to strengthen communication of related companies, improve the network of Guangzhou Nansha transport services and optimize port allocation of resources, provides “high quality, low cost” transport services to cargo owners and shipping companies, promotes healthy development of Nansha Port distribution and transportation business.

There are four bridges connecting Nansha Terminal with different parts of Guangzhou City. They are Xinlong Bridge, Longzhu Bridge, Wanlong Bridge and Fuzhou Bridge among which the Xinlong Bridge was open in 2004 and Fuzhou Bridge was open in late 2008. Cargo can be delivered to Nansha Terminal from many  from many PRD cities within 1-1.5 hour dray versus a 2-3 hour dray to Shenzhen.