Welcome to Port of Nansha
Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. owns and operates a container port. It is currently the largest comprehensive port in South China.

Why Choose Port Of Nansha:

  • Save 30-50% on Local Drays to Nansha vs Shenzhen
  • Deep Water Port already loading Mega Vessels (Ben Franklin-18,000teus)
  • No Congestion—31min turn times
  • 36 Gates In/24 Gates out
  • 4 Sailings per week
  • Experience: Moved over 16.7 million Teus in Nansha and 23.2 million for Guangzhou Port Group in 2019
  • Cranes that can move containers stacked 180 feet high and 24 boxes wide
  • On site Customs and CFS

Guangzhou Port in the only deep water container terminal in the West PRD region.



4 weekly sailings to the west coast. Save on drayage, time and avoid congestion.



View our sailing schedule for Europe/Med. Save on drayage, time and avoid congestion.



WEBINAR: South China Sourcing & Logistics Trends in 2020

Watch our webinar to gain insight into the South China Sourcing & Logistics Trends for 2020. Topics include Coronavirus, China’s economic growth, lead-time, landed costs and service advantages of Nansha Port and more!

Guangzhou (Nansha) has comfortably overtaken Hong Kong in volume terms in new Drewry Container Forecaster Report.

Drewry published their quarterly analysis of the container shipping market for 2018, Q4.

“With year-to-date growth of 8%, Guangzhou has now in volume terms comfortably overtaken Hong Kong, which suffered a decline of 5.6% during the nine-month period. That loss will equate to over one million teu by the time the year closes. Guangzhou’s next target could be Shenzhen where volumes have flat lined in 2018.

It is no secret that Guangzhou has been providing incentives to the shipping lines and logistics operators since the end of 2017 in order to win market share. Whether it needed to is perhaps debatable. The port complex lies on the west side of the Pearl River Delta, close to many new export factories as well as to a rising population of domestic consumers. The west side of the Pearl River is less congested than the Shenzhen ports over on the east side, and its clear advantage over Hong Kong is that it averts the need for an expensive cross-border truck haul.”

One Belt, One Road will transform China's shipping landscape by 2030

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China’s One Belt, One Road initiative has the potential to “resettle the landscape,” according to John Painter, president and CEO of Guangzhou Port America. At the JOC’s 2019 TPM Conference, he discussed its impact on volumes, Guangzhou’s near-term expansion programs, and the tariff question.