Nansha Terminal of Guangzhou Port is located at Longxue Island in South Guangzhou city. It is the only deepwater container terminal on the west Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

Nansha Terminal covers 14 dynamic city clusters including Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen. It currently possesses 16 container berths of 150,000 tonnage class with a 5718m quay length. It provides international shipping services to Europe, America, Middle East, and the Mediterranean Sea. It also provides the most advance shipping hardware and equipment.

Nansha Terminal of Guangzhou Port has over fifteen 150,000 tonnage berths with a total quay length of 5,718 meters. It is equipped with 61 quay cranes, with the ability to handle 23 rows. The total capacity is 16 million teus and the CY capacity is over 358,265 TEU with some areas available for CY expansion subject to business development.

Nansha Terminal of Guangzhou Port also has 57,600 sqm on dock warehouse and 63,000 sqm off dock warehousing available. Besides that, a new logistics park with 320,000 m2 is under planning for both general cargos and refrigeration cargo.

Guangzhou Port’s current approach channel to Nansha Terminal is approximately 35 NM with a steaming time of approximately 3 hours. The water depth of the channel is -17 meters and bottom width of 243 meters. Nansha Terminal is capable to accommodate Mega Vessels like CMA-CGM’s Ben Franklin which called on the Port of Nansha, Feb, 2016.

Channel dredging project was approved by the Central Government in 2015 December to widen the channel bottom to 385 meters. Within 2 years the channel will be capable for two mega vessels steaming in and out at the same time.

Nansha Terminal of Guangzhou Port’s Centralized Inspection Center (NPCIC) is managed by GPGL. It provides a centralized location for Nansha Port cargo and individual inspection. Our goal is to have a streamlined and harmonious environment for all customs clearance and custom services.

Nansha Terminal of Guangzhou Port’s Centralized Inspection Center (NPCIC) provides an all-weather inspection platform, all-weather inspection field. Our equipment includes H986 X-ray inspection machine, load meters, a sterilized platform, rapid sterilized passage, container cleaning field, heat drying room, fumigation room and cold storage warehouse.