From Port of Nansha to Jiangnan Market in Only 2 hours and 4 minutes, Nansha Cherry Express Further Speeding Up

The 2020-2021 Chilean Cherry Season is heating up, the exquisite, flavorful and plump Chilean cherries have completed their long journey from South America to meet their Chinese friends. On Dec. 30th, Nansha Port Area saw the arrival of the very first cherry express service this year, the container vessel “CSCL ASIA”, carrying 136 containers, 2800 tonnes of cherries. This year, the “Nansha Efficiency” further accelerated, the unloading, customs clearance and transportation to Jiangnan Fruit Market were completed in only 2 hours and 4 minutes, bringing the freshest Chilean cherries to Chinese consumers.

Cherries transportation requires high logistics efficiency, in order to fully expedite terminal operation and customs clearance, Guangzhou Port Group has set up a specialized Cherry Express Project Team and organized a series of meetings for carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers and trucking companies to conclude successful experiences of last year’s Cherry Express as well as further optimizing relevant processes.

“Port of Nansha is the nearest container terminal to Jiangnan Fruit Market. The port authorities of Nansha pays high attention and support to the import fruit business. Their pragmatic attitude, pioneering spirit and good awareness of service reinforce our confidence and determination to expand business at Nansha,” said Shanghai Oheng Import&Export Co., Ltd., one of the largest import fruit forwarders in China, “This year our volume of cherries imported, via Port of Nansha is increasing, in the coming future we will actively promote Nansha for other imported fruits.”

Facing the challenges posed by epidemic, the Chilean fruit industry has strengthened its already rigorous health and hygiene measures throughout the supply chain and worked out the “Operation Manual on the SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus’ Prevention in Picking, Packaging and Processing”, which instructs that strict preventive measures shall be executed in every link from harvesting, sorting, packaging to transport. Chile’s total cherry export volume in 2020/21 will rise by roughly 38% to over 316,000 tons, with the export volume to China also set to rise.

Following the “CSCL ASIA” cherry express, there will be another six Chilean Cherry Express arriving at Nansha before Chinese Lunar New Year, and the frequency of sailings and quantity of cherries will be increased significantly compared with last year. It is expected that more than 1000 units will be imported via Port of Nansha this year. Guangzhou Port Nansha Port Area will continue to strengthen the coordination of each logistics link to help the Greater Bay Area residents to enjoy cherries with better quality and more competitive price.